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All the projects are free software

1 - UOCH (Ultima Online Client Hacker): It's a multi-purpose allclients-compatible software that cracks the UO client in several ways. Features: Clear Nights, Encryption Removal, MultiClients, Cool Names (let's you create characters with special names or if you want, no name at all, which will cause POL shards to crash) and Everman's way (a protection so you won't delete your character on accident). ------RELEASED-----

2 - UO1337 (Ultima Online 1337(leet)): Cracks your UO client in a manner that you can create characters with any hair/beard/body/shirt/legs color and any name, a possible bug exploit that allows you to create characters with 2 items of your choice and any value on any stat(str,dex,int) since str+dex+int = 65, it means you can create a character with 1 int, 1 dex and 63 str. =)

3 - UO something: The whole thing is not even planned yet, but as a general description I can say that it's Injection but in VB.

To download, or not to download? That is the question.

Pffft!! Hell yeah!! Long live cheaters yo!!! =) Download Me! . If you are a programmer, you might want the sources (they have "source" in the filename =P) but if you just wanna use the program, download the binaries.

Compatibility stuff

You obviously need UO. Now that you remember that, and you went to the store, bought the new UO L:BR, brand new and stuff... I don't think UOCH works on L:BR, never tested it... =D

For further information, there is a readme.txt and a HELP (which describes almost the whole program) inside UOCH (a little button called HELP).


Please report bugs using the bug tracker and request features here .

You can ask questions and discuss about the NecroTools on the forums .

Btw, the design was copied from Injection, I'll work on a new one. =P


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